When employers hire you they would like to make sure that you have the basic skills and knowledge to do the job, but they also want to ensure that you are a good cultural fit for the job. What are the top 10 questions employers typically ask during an interview?

1. Tell me about yourself? (prepare an answer that provides an overview of yourself in under 90 seconds). This is a time to focus on your abilities and skill level, not your hobbies or your family.
2. What do you like about this job? (focus on the detail of the job and not the salary or the benefits). Employers are interested in making sure you have a good understanding of what the job entails.
3. What are your goals? (your response ideally should focus on short term and long term goals but include why you want to get hire for the position and how you can grow with the organization).
4. What are your weaknesses? (minimize speaking about your weaknesses, instead focus on your strength) ie. “I am interested in improving my public speaking skills, I am taking public speaking course that is helping to strengthen the way that I communicate”.
5. Why should we hire you? (summarize your experiences, skill level and how you can make an impact with the organization).
6. If I was to contact your previous employer what would they say about you? (focus on your skill level and the positive impact that you have made with your previous employer).
7. What makes you unique? What can you do for us that other candidates cannot? (your response should focus on your skill level which could include education and experience). A good response could be: “I have a great combination of technical skills, the ability to develop strong customer relations and excellent communication skills to accomplish the task” or to get things done.

8. If you were an animal, which animal would you be and why? (the question is sometimes asked by employers to gage personality type).
9. Why do you want to leave your current job or past job? (do not discuss conflict with your previous manager, instead focus on looking for new challenges that will utilize your skills or growing professionally).

10. What questions do you have for us? (organizations likes when you have questions of your own but the questions should focus on the position such as: what expectations you have for me in the next 90 days, what are the top 3 qualities your top performers have in common, what are the companies’ highest priorities this year).

For additional information about the interview process, resume writing, appropriate responses to interview questions and additional questions to asked at the conclusion of the interview, please contact a representative at 1st State Staffing Solutions.

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