1. Hiring Excellent Teachers. What goes into hiring great teachers? Are they experienced? Are they credentialed? Do they have passion? Are they team players, etc.  As great teachers are hired, students are given a greater chance for being outstanding students and ultimately raise the bar for being one of the top schools in the state. When great teachers get recognized at a school, it automatically raises the school credibility. Qualities that have been identified in the past of hiring anyone great have been passion for their craft and experience.
  2. Delegation of Responsibilities. Relinquishing powers to key people in charge. Ultimately, your direct reports should have clear roles and responsibilities on what should be carried out and how it should be carried out with reasonable deadlines. Ideally, direct reports should be provided to the leaders of the school on a regular basis. The benefits of appointing key people in leadership roles is that it allows the top leaders to have greater vision in seeing how the process is working and being proactive in making critical changes.
  3. Student Discipline Most superior rated schools have one thing in common and that is a strong consistent discipline program. Each infraction should clearly be outline and followed according to the student codes of conduct. Many schools are getting parents/ students to sign an agreement to the codes of conduct and it is consequences. Consistency across the board should be paramount when it comes to discipline. A strong discipline team goes along way with minimizing problems.
  4. Policies for Staff. There should be written policies for staff holding them accountable for doing their jobs and consequences when staff does not carry out their responsibilities.
  5. Resources and Development. Staff should always be given the opportunity to improve in areas that is needed. Having adequate resources goes along ways in mitigating allegations of a lack of “training or support to do my job”. Coaching/professional development is a great way of providing such resources.
  6. After School Activities. After school activities should be developed, as it would help with providing school spirit/growth. Some examples could be intramural basketball, flag football, cheer leading, debate club, yearbook committee which could include student photographers which all contributes to a well rounded education.
  7. Develop a parenting initiative. Students have greater chance of succeeding in school when parents reinforce learning at home. Develop “give backs” for parents as a motivation to get them more involved in school. Some examples of give backs could include: parenting classes on teaching parents on how to be better parents/more supportive.  Have a competition night of a sporting event between staff or students/parents and turn it into a fundraiser to benefit something at the school. Have a one month exercise class for parents/teachers. Find out what skill a parent may have and let the parent take the lead on getting other parents involve.  Parents can also reinforce discipline by volunteering at critical times that is needed such as when children are arriving for school, lunch time etc. If parents feel they are getting something, they are more likely to give something which could be their support and time.
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